LotRO on Surface 3 Round 2

After the mixed results of my first experiment in running Lord of the Rings Online on Surface 3, I decided to give another try. This time, I installed the game on a memory card and used a wireless Bluetooth mouse instead of a wired laser mouse. I used recommended settings for my system (Very Low).

For the test, I did some questing in West Rohan. Without the power drain from external devices, Surface was able to run the game without crashes. With the low settings the game looks bad, but the frame rate is unstable. Out in the wilderness on in interior spaces Surface can reach over 30 frames per second, but with more characters or visual effects frame rate drops below 10 per second

In conclusion, Surface 3 can run LotRO. Unfortunately, due the low power of the hardware the game is not fun to play and in will eat a considerable amount of the limited internal storage or memory card. To fully enjoy the game a more powerful machine is strongly recommended.

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Running The Lord of the Rings Online on Surface 3

I got the new Surface 3 with 4 GB memory this week and even if I did not get it play games I had to test how it performs. So, I installed The Lord of the Rings Online on external hard drive and gave it a short spin. Loading times were long, but the game started. In the open I got between 36 fps in Bree-land and 18 fps in West Rohan with Very Low setting.

So far so good and went on to try some real action. I was able to complete Thievery and Mischief skirmish in solo mode and while the skirmish was playable the low frame rate made it was not that enjoyable with 10 – 20 fps and Type Cover’s trackpad.

Next I plugged in external mouse and keyboard. This was where the problems started. The single USB-port on Surface struggled to deliver enough power for the three devices. The game was still running and I tried to do some questing in Aldburg. Here the game started crashing constantly and I had to quit.

In conclusion, the Surface 3 with 4 GB memory can run LotRO, but with uncomfortably low frame rates and the heavier regions like Rohan can be unstable. I did not research further whether the instability was caused by the game or too many connected devices. The game took almost all of the memory, so the 2 GB model will probably be unable to start the game.

[Edit: 28.12.2015] I made a follow up post.

[THE LORD OF THE RINGS ONLINE™ interactive video game © 2015 Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc.]