Lens-Artists Challenge #73 – COLD

It has been a while since I participated in a photo challenge. I recently stumbled upon the Lens-Artists Challenge, which is a spiritual successor to the discontinued WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge. Here is my take on the challenge #73 – COLD.

Frozen Road

A snow-covered road leading through the forest. The low winter sun makes the trees cast long shadows over the tracks on the snow.


Frozen lake Ylisjärvi in Salo, Finland.

Journey Through Middle Earth II

To match the season on the northern hemisphere the theme of todays Middle Earth screenshots is snow. For some reason I have always liked the wintry areas in games and there are many in The Lord of the Rings Online. From them I have chosen four for this gallery.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Warmth

Sometimes warmth is undesirable. Especially, when you are in danger of melting. This is my entry to The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge: “Warmth.” To check my other photo challenge entries see the Weekly Photo Challenge category.