Leaf Buds

The image is a new edit of an old post. The new one is made with DxO PhotoLab, and the old version was done with Adobe Lightroom. Which one do you like better? I have been trying to identify the plant, which is rather tricky with only such a small portion of it visible. Many plants appear to…


Canada geese and greylag geese are common visitors in Munich Westpark as well as other parks in Europe. While the birds pose no threat to humans enjoying the park and may appear cute, they litter the area with a large amount of excrement.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Half and Half

In response to The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge: “Half and Half.” You can find all my photo challenge entries in the Weekly Photo Challenge category.


The spring’s first green leaf buds grow on a delicate tree branch.


Last Saturday we went hiking to Nuuksio national park. It was easy to travel there by public transport and we took the Korpinkierros route because it was near the bus stop. Weather was overcast and the terrain was a bit boring: mostly pine forest. Some small lakes made the route more interesting. There was quite many…


Last weekend I was visiting in Rautavaara and took some photos from Pumpulikirkko nature reserve and Metsäkartano resort.