Half Moon II

First quarter moon on 24.3.2018

Unfortunately, the weather seems to favour half moons. There have not been many clear nights, and when I was finally able to get out to do some photography, the moon was in the same phase as last time. I missed a crescent moon in between because it was on a work day and I had to get to bed early.

I tried to improve the quality of the shot, but this seems to be the best I can get out with 45 mm lens. Even with 2x cropping factor, it does not have a sufficient magnification. Focusing on the tiny but bright moon is difficult.

Half Moon

First quarter moon on 23.2.2018

Last moon of 2017

Waxing gibbous moon on 31.12.2017

The sky was mostly clear early on the last evening of 2017 providing a good view on the  moon before the fireworks started.