Magma Flow

Red spirals of a Julia fractal flow along the diagonal like a red hot river of magma over a black basalt surface.

Glacial Rift

Sharp edges of bright fractal tendril form a jagged vertical rift through a smooth glacier. Something waits in the cold depths.

Clamshells on Black Lace

Arching chains of pearly brownish clamshells of varying sizes lie gently on a dark intricate lace surface.

Autumn Leaves Mandelbrot

Red, pink, and orange maple leaf structures circle a black miniature mandelbrot set in the middle. Closer to the core the leaves get golden yellow in colour and smaller to give way to light green and black rings around the central “gingerbread man” shape.

Playing with Fractals

Last week I got the inspiration to play around with fractals. After spending searching for a suitable program, I settled with Ultra Fractal. The software is not free, but it feels intuitive to use and has an extensive library of public formulas. It costs between 29 € and 99 € depending on the version. I would…