Destiny Screenshots IV: Plaguelands

[Destiny © Bungie, Inc.]

Game of the Year: Destiny

Destiny has been around a while but it was still my most played game of the year. It received negative of critique but has improved significantly over the years. I do not have too much time to play games and Destiny is enjoyable as bite-sized chunks: a couple of crucible matches, a strike, a mission, or half an hour of patrolling is easy to fit in the schedule. I even went through the trouble of getting the maximum rank Iron Banner after the Rise of Iron release.

[Destiny © Bungie, Inc.]

Destiny Screenshots III: Festival of the Lost

[Destiny © Bungie, Inc.]

Destiny Screenshots II

One more post of Destiny screenshots. I took them back in the last year, but I have not been productive enough to put them out earlier. The Division is coming next week and I have lost interest in Destiny for the time being, so it is good to get them of the backlog. I am also planning to post some shots from Forza Horizon 2, which I decided to buy instead of Forza Motorsport 6.

As mentioned in my first Destiny post, taking screenshots is not much fun in Destiny. Fortunately, using voice command to take the shots works surprisingly well. Xbox can even understand my bad German. I even managed to catch moving targets like the ship in the Aerodrom shot. The software seems to take the shots close to the time when the speech recognition activates.

[Destiny © Bungie, Inc.]

Destiny Screenshots

Until now I have posted exclusively LotRO screenshots, but I seek to broaden my scope. Earlier this year a screenshot functionality was added to Xbox One and I chose Destiny for the first experiment and I like the visual style of the game.

Unfortunately, I did not enjoy taking screenshots from Destiny much. Outside of cutscenes and social spaces the user interface elements are distracting and most of the time, the gun is stuck in the middle of the screen. Also, timing the shots is a bit tricky because there is no dedicated screenshots button. However using voice command to take the shots seems to work quite well.

[Destiny © 2015 Bungie, Inc.]