Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #97-Pastimes

Video games are a pleasant pastime during the lockdown. There are plenty of games to choose from in the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, and multiplayer games offer a great way to stay in touch with friends. Alas, despite the restrictions, I do not have much time to play.

Heidelberg Old Town Panorama

Panoramic view of the historic old town of Heidelberg, Germany on a clear winter day. The river Neckar flows through the city on left.

Lens-Artists Challenge #75 – Nostalgic

There was a time when video games came in boxes with manuals and often other goodies. Sierra’s adventure games were notorious for sudden deaths and dead ends. The rival Lucasfilm Games even added a joke about them in one of their games.

Lens-Artists Challenge #73 – COLD

It has been a while since I participated in a photo challenge. I recently stumbled upon the Lens-Artists Challenge, which is a spiritual successor to the discontinued WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge. Here is my take on the challenge #73 – COLD.

Turku Market Square, Summer 2015

A view Turku Market Square as it was in summer 2015. The square is currently being renovated, and a new parking facility is being built underground. The Hamburger Börs hotel is closed and will be demolished.

Sky-Watcher SynScan GoTo Upgrade Set for EQ3-2

I bought a GoTo upgrade for my EQ3-2 mount from Astroshop Warehouse Deals. The connectors for R.A. and Dec. cables are in inverse order with correct but upside-down labels. The defect appears not to affect the actual operation. The Sky-Watcher upgrade kits do not contain installation instructions for the motors, and the handset manual was for a…

To Colonia! – Final Entry

I have arrived at the Jaques Station in Colonia, and the eighteen-month journey is finally over. The legs with dates are in the table below. The Cobra lost 65 % of its paintwork, and my exploration rank increased from Surveyor to Ranger. My ship had a meagre ~26 light-years jump range. Upgrading to a Diamondback…

To Colonia! – Part 8

I managed to increase the pace and reached Polo Harbour in Boewnst KS-S c20-959 system and Vihara Gate in Kashyapa system on the same day. All posts in the “To Colonia!” series: [Elite Dangerous © 1984 – 2019 Frontier Developments Plc]