Crescent Moon over Rooftops

Shortly after the sunset, the orange waxing crescent moon shines through a thin layer of clouds. The rooftops form a black silhouette in the foreground.

DxO PhotoLab 4 DeepPRIME denoise example

I have been reluctant to publish the image in my previous post, Heidelberg Castle at Night. It is a single frame taken without a tripod at ISO 5000. It has a fair amount of noise and does not appear very sharp. The latest instalment of DxO PhotLab added an improved version of the PRIME denoising algorithm called DeepPRIME. I…

Heidelberg Castle at Night

The Heidelberg castle glows illuminated on a warm summer night. Street lights cast colourful reflections on the waters of the river Neckar

Waxing Gibbous Moon November 2020

Waxing gibbous Moon (62%) on 24.10.2020 eight and half days in the lunar cycle, one day after the first quarter half-moon. Explorer 150P-DS on N-EQ3-2 Pro with an aluminium tripod. Stacked with Affinity Photo. Edited with Affinity Photo and DxO PhotoLab 4.

Neptune and Triton

Neptune is the eighth planet and farthest from the sun. Neptune Triton is Neptune’s largest moon and the only large moon in the solar system with a retrograde orbit. Photographed with PEN E-PL7 and Sky Watcher Explorer 150P-DS on N-EQ3-2 Pro with aluminium tripod. Stacked with Sequator. Edited and annotated with Affinity Photo.

Soft Shells

Julia fractals smooth shell-like structures and endless spirals form a fascinating landscape.

Jupiter Moons with a Telezoom Objective

Jupiter captured with Olympus Zuiko Digital ED 40-150mm telezoom objective. The Galilean moons Ganymede, Europa and Callisto, are visible near the planet. Io is in front of Jupiter and cannot be seen. The star on the left is HR 7327, a double star in Sagittarius. The cropped image above is similar to the one I shot…

Red Fern

This fern like shape is found in the elephant valley of the Mandelbrot set. Due to limited number of iterations the fractal spirals do not extend to infinity, but form bulbous growths.


Phoenix (Julia) fractal looking like a sunspot

Playing with Fractals

Last week I got the inspiration to play around with fractals. After spending searching for a suitable program, I settled with Ultra Fractal. The software is not free, but it feels intuitive to use and has an extensive library of public formulas. It costs between 29 € and 99 € depending on the version. I would…