Elite Dangerous: Keelback

The Keelback is the cheapest ship which can fit a fighter hangar. I bought it to have some variation while bounty hunting for community goals. It is surprisingly fun to fly, and the rotating thrusters look cool. The mothership is not very agile, but the option to switch to the fighter makes up for that….

Elite Dangerous: Dolphin

I first tried passenger missions with the Hauler, but due to limited space and jump range, I did not find enjoyable. After getting more credits via trading and community goals, I wanted to give passengers another try and bought a proper passenger ship. The Dolphin has sleek looks and is fun to fly. So far…

Elite Dangerous: Type-6 Transporter

I got the Type-6 to try out bulk trading but found the endeavour boring and the cargo space limited. It is still a fine ship to get the lowest tiers of community goals and nimble enough to evade most pirates. I plan to upgrade to Type-7 but will keep my Type-6 around. Maybe set it…

Elite Dangerous: Diamondback Scout

Diamondback Scout is a nimble and affordable ship bounty hunting, and it has an excellent jump range. [Elite Dangerous © 1984 Р2017 Frontier Developments Plc]

Elite Dangerous: Cobra Mk. III

  Cobra Mk. III is a well rounded ship, but I like the more specialized ships. Diamondback Scout has better turret placement and Type-6 can haul more tonnage so I ended up fitting the Cobra as planetary explorer while saving money for Asp. [Elite Dangerous ¬© 1984 – 2017 Frontier Developments Plc]

Journey Through Middle Earth IX: Recalling Adventures Past

In the spirit of the anniversary remembrances, the ninth instalment of Journey Through Middle Earth contains views from some of the older areas. Future posts will concentrate on Rohan since I have managed to delete my older screenshots and it is not possible to produce high fidelity ones with Surface 3. [THE LORD OF THE RINGS…

Elite Dangerous: Hauler

The trusty Hauler brought in the money for a Cobra Mk. III. Then I sold it. [Elite Dangerous © 1984 Р2016 Frontier Developments Plc]

Game of the Year: Destiny

Destiny has been around a while but it was still my most played game of the year. It received negative of critique¬†but has improved significantly over the years. I do not have too much time to play games and Destiny is enjoyable as bite-sized chunks: a couple of crucible matches, a strike, a mission, or…