Waxing Gibbous Moon November 2020

Waxing gibbous Moon (62%) on 24.10.2020 eight and half days in the lunar cycle, one day after the first quarter half-moon. Explorer 150P-DS on N-EQ3-2 Pro with an aluminium tripod. Stacked with Affinity Photo. Edited with Affinity Photo and DxO PhotoLab 4.

Neptune and Triton

Neptune is the eighth planet and farthest from the sun. Neptune Triton is Neptune’s largest moon and the only large moon in the solar system with a retrograde orbit. Photographed with PEN E-PL7 and Sky Watcher Explorer 150P-DS on N-EQ3-2 Pro with aluminium tripod. Stacked with Sequator. Edited and annotated with Affinity Photo.

Jupiter Moons with a Telezoom Objective

Jupiter captured with Olympus Zuiko Digital ED 40-150mm telezoom objective. The Galilean moons Ganymede, Europa and Callisto, are visible near the planet. Io is in front of Jupiter and cannot be seen. The star on the left is HR 7327, a double star in Sagittarius. The cropped image above is similar to the one I shot…

The Moon with 150 mm zoom objective

I recently purchased the very reasonably priced M.ZUIKO DIGITAL ED 40‑150mm F4‑5.6 R zoom objective. I got mainly for terrestrial subjects but gave it a quick test in moon photography. The image is better than using a smartphone and binoculars, but no match for the telescope. With 150 mm focal length there is no need…

Messier 41

Shot with Olympus Pen EPL-7, SkyWatcher Explorer 150P-DS, and SkyWacher N-EQ3-2 Pro. Stacked with Sequator and edited with DxO PhotoLab 3.

NGC 2232

Shot with Olympus Pen EPL-7, SkyWatcher Explorer 150P-DS, and SkyWacher N-EQ3-2 Pro. Stacked with Sequator and edited with DxO PhotoLab 3.

Sky-Watcher SynScan GoTo Upgrade Set for EQ3-2

I bought a GoTo upgrade for my EQ3-2 mount from Astroshop Warehouse Deals. The connectors for R.A. and Dec. cables are in inverse order with correct but upside-down labels. The defect appears not to affect the actual operation. The Sky-Watcher upgrade kits do not contain installation instructions for the motors, and the handset manual was for a…

Gibbous Moon March and April 2019

Equipment Equipment: Sky-Watcher Explorer 150P-DS Sky-Watcher N-EQ3-2 with aluminium tripod Olympus PEN E-PL7 2x Barlow lens (Full disc shot without the Barlow) Software PIPP Auto Stakkert! 3 Polarr Photo Editor Adobe Premiere Rush CC Music in the video: Ether Oar by The Whole Other

Quick astrophotos from the balcony

So far I have only done afocal moon photos with a smartphone, so a couple of nights ago I try prime focus photography with my system camera. Because I do not have tracking motors, I was able to use exposure times up to only 0,5 seconds. With the ISO turned up to the maximum I…

Copernicus crater through 150/750 Newton telescope

The final processed image shown at the end of the video is the one from My First Telescope. I used a trial version of Adobe Premiere Rush to compose the video. The user experience was much better than the open source editor I used for the previous Moon video, but the software was sluggish even…

The Moon through 150/750 Newton telescope

While figuring out which telescope to purchase, I searched for examples of how different targets would look through various telescopes. There are a lot of pretty heavily processed long exposure photos available, but it is harder to find examples of how things would appear when looking through the ocular. I found some videos of the…