Chaos Shrine AI Art Colouring Page

The¬†KolorMarc Studio Markers¬†by¬†True Grit Texture Supply¬†were discounted at Affinity Store. The marketing images looked cool, so I decided to buy them. To test the markers, I generated a colouring page using¬†Midjourney. Initially, I desired a chaos warrior, but some rerolls resulted in this chaos shrine. It appears reasonably suitable for colouring. I was unsatisfied with…


To offer some variation to the computer-generated images I have been posting lately, here’s a pencil drawing of a crab coloured using a computer. I liked drawing as a kid, but haven’t drawn much since. Some time ago, I bought a set of pencils to try doing astronomical drawings but never got into it. When…

Carnival Spirals

A black circle contrasts the infinite spiral on the opposite side in this Julia fractal. Gentle curves, pastel colours and harlequin pattern create a calm yet festive mood. This is a revision of Opposite Spiral published in an earlier post.

Magma Flow

Red spirals of a Julia fractal flow along the diagonal like a red hot river of magma over a black basalt surface.

Midjourney Signatures

I have been adding a small MJ watermark to the Midjourney images. Below are some examples of Midjourney signatures or monograms I created. It was hard to get the AI to include both letters properly. Especially, because adding “MJ” to the prompt brought up Michael Jackson. In the end I am satisfied with how the…

Glacial Rift

Sharp edges of bright fractal tendril form a jagged vertical rift through a smooth glacier. Something waits in the cold depths.

AI Art Swamp Fortress

This is another post inspired by Midjoyrney’s daily theme. This time the theme was “swamp“. I prompted for an elf in leather armour approaching a sinister swamp fortress and the pale moon glowing through the mist. The AI mostly ignored the elf part, and the armour could be lighter. Also, it often misplaced the weapon in the…

Clamshells on Black Lace

Arching chains of pearly brownish clamshells of varying sizes lie gently on a dark intricate lace surface.

AI Art Astrolabes

A couple of days ago, the daily theme in Midjourney’s Discord was Astrolabe. I decided to throw in a few prompts. They are not super realistic but have astrolabe-like aesthetics. For the images below, I did some light retouching in DxO PhotoLab. The first two are a macro shot of a brass astrolabe. The second two are the…

Autumn Leaves Mandelbrot

Red, pink, and orange maple leaf structures circle a black miniature mandelbrot set in the middle. Closer to the core the leaves get golden yellow in colour and smaller to give way to light green and black rings around the central “gingerbread man” shape.

AI Art Comic Book Pilots

I started playing with AI image generation with Midjourney. The first prompt I tested was about star ship pilots in comic book style. I liked the style it decided to see if I could generate some characters and then use them in different scenes. I rerolled the prompt to get more characters. Here are the first…

Leaf Buds

The image is a new edit of an old post. The new one is made with DxO PhotoLab, and the old version was done with Adobe Lightroom. Which one do you like better? I have been trying to identify the plant, which is rather tricky with only such a small portion of it visible. Many plants appear to…