You are Rex the best starfighter pilot in the galaxy and your mission is to blast through waves of alien invaders. Rex is my first try with Torque Game Builder. It’s a side-scrolling arcade shooter with a retro feeling.

Rex is made almost entirely with TGB behaviours. Unfortunately, the only level is very short because of the tedious creation of enemy waves with SpawnArea behaviours. I’m planning to create a better wave system some day and maybe add extra levels to Rex if I ever get it done.


Download available at Rex is no longer available for download.


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Version history

Rex 1.0

Known bugs:

  • Rex suffers from TGB’s UFT font loading bug and fonts may not display correctly.

Future work:

  • Modified SpawnArea with delay before spawning starts and option to use separate area for spawning
  • More flexible shooting behavior
  • Path follow behavior for enemies
  • More powerups, levels, enemies & weapons
  • Scriptable wave formations

Rex 1.5

Rex 1.5 was released 6.2.2008 it did not contain any new levels but most of the improvements stated above are implemented.

Rex 2.0 beta

Beta version of Rex 2.0 was released 26.3.2008 and contains four new levels.

Rex 2.0 final

Final version of Rex was released 27.8.2008 with five levels of arcade action. It also features health, fire rate, extra laser and extra ship powerups.
Installer made with IzPack is also available.

Rex 1.0 Post Mortem

Took about two and half days to complete with TGB and Codeweaver. Graphics made with Gimp. Musics are old XMs made by my friend.


  • It works
  • Nice retro feel
  • Good use of behaviors


  • Problems with TGB’s cloneWithBehaviors and font loading
  • Very short

Creative Commons License
Rex by Jussi Laasonen is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License.

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