Chaos Shrine AI Art Colouring Page

Chaos Shrine. Outline generated with Midjourney and coloured with KolorMarc Studio Markers in Affinity Photo.

The KolorMarc Studio Markers by True Grit Texture Supply were discounted at Affinity Store. The marketing images looked cool, so I decided to buy them. To test the markers, I generated a colouring page using Midjourney. Initially, I desired a chaos warrior, but some rerolls resulted in this chaos shrine. It appears reasonably suitable for colouring. I was unsatisfied with the warriors, so I gave the shrine a go.

It is very satisfying to draw using markers. They have a nice analogue feel, and the output looks good with blending and integrated paper texture. The shrine itself was not the best colouring experience. It is a bit too chaotic, and all shapes do not have clear boundaries. I could have added more detail or tried blending, but I wanted to finish this quickly.