Lens Artists Challenge #118 – Communication

A baboon at Hellabrunn Zoo shows his teeth in response to Biasini the horse who speaks about communication. July 2020.


  1. anne leueen says:

    Hello Avaruussou Human. Thanks for responding to my challenge. That is a creature that is new to me I Your photo. looks like he might be some sort of monkey perhaps. What a set of teeth! I think he is laughing at my challenge and that is a good response from him. I like it. I wish I could meet him and see if I can make him.laugh about other things.🐴

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    1. Yes, it is a sort of monkey. A hamadryas baboon to be precise. I bet he has not seen a horse. Maybe a zebra, but not a horse.


  2. JohnRH says:

    Woof! You said a mouthful!!

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  3. Tina Schell says:

    LOL very clever!

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  4. pattimoed says:

    A wonderful image and a great example of communicating!

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