Lens-Artists Photo Challenge#98 – Delicate Colours

A selection of flowers displaying delicate colours. Plus one honey bee as a bonus.

10 thoughts on “Lens-Artists Photo Challenge#98 – Delicate Colours

    1. P.S. Your iPhone does well with flowers, as does mine. I see you have an arsenal of equipment for astronomy.


    2. Yes, the iPhone camera is surprisingly good if the conditions are right. I have a decent beginner set for astronomy, but unfortunately, my balcony observations are limited by weather and light pollution. The iPhone also works well for moon photography through the telescope.

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    3. A lot of light pollution these days. Think of older times. Not much light on the ground, but the stars… the stars…


    4. Indeed, luckily stingy Germans do not have too much exterior lightning. It is possible to see stars in Munich, even in the centre, but I do not remember seeing stars while living in Helsinki.

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