The Moon through 150/750 Newton telescope

While figuring out which telescope to purchase, I searched for examples of how different targets would look through various telescopes. There are a lot of pretty heavily processed long exposure photos available, but it is harder to find examples of how things would appear when looking through the ocular. I found some videos of the Moon and planets which give a more realistic impression of the field of view and the atmospheric disturbance.

Now that I have my own telescope, I decided to try to make such videos my self. I used one of the quick videos I took during my first observation of the Moon. The final processed image shown at the end is the one from my previous post. I used OpenShot Video Editor to compose the video, and while it got the job done, the user experience was hideous. For my next video, I am trying to find an editor with better usability.

midwinter” by airtone
2018 – Licensed under Creative Commons Attribution Noncommercial (3.0)

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