Game of the Year: Destiny

Destiny has been around a while but it was still my most played game of the year. It received negative of critique but has improved significantly over the years. I do not have too much time to play games and Destiny is enjoyable as bite-sized chunks: a couple of crucible matches, a strike, a mission, or half an hour of patrolling is easy to fit in the schedule. I even went through the trouble of getting the maximum rank Iron Banner after the Rise of Iron release.

[Destiny © Bungie, Inc.]


  1. slannxe says:

    If you couldn’t pick Destiny as your GOTY for 2016, what game would you choose?


    1. Based on play time only the Division is on the second place, but I would choose Elite: Dangerous.


    2. slannxe says:

      Haven’t played Elite at all, but I might give it a shot!


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