Runner Up of the Year: Elite Dangerous

I first tried Elite Dangerous when it was still in the game preview on Xbox One. I did a bit of exploring and tried combat missions and hauling but did not find it interesting enough to continue. Recently I got back to the game and even bought the Horizons expansion.

I have not played a space sim since Independence War II: Edge of Chaos. Elite requires a lot of time to get into and grinding for credits can be tedious. The combat mechanics and exploration are fun enough and flying around in super cruise on kind of a soothing experience.

The real depth of Elite appears to originate from the community. For example, there are subreddits for coordinating the powerplay, which is fairly dull as a game mechanic, and community events like the Christmas carriers convoy. And of course, the game has superb opportunities for taking pretty screenshots.

I definitely want to invest more time to Elite Dangerous. Most likely it will not be my most played game for the next year, but I am looking forward to getting some material for screenshot posts.

[Elite Dangerous © 1984 – 2016 Frontier Developments Plc]


  1. tsuhelm says:

    My dream game for years,the original still ranks in my all time top 10 games :), may not be my dream game in reality but I still need a PC(xbox?) to play it on… then I will finally find out 🙂


    1. I have not played the original much, but I’ve got the Elite Plus for MSDOS and based on the manual the game looks surprisingly deep compared to modern games.

      I have the game on Xbox One, and it is going to be released on Playstation 4 too. But if you want to go all-in you’ll need a PC with a VR headset and HOTAS.


    2. tsuhelm says:

      🙂 Not going to happen until I get back to EU I am afraid so roll on 2017 🙂


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