Destiny Screenshots

Until now I have posted exclusively LotRO screenshots, but I seek to broaden my scope. Earlier this year a screenshot functionality was added to Xbox One and I chose Destiny for the first experiment and I like the visual style of the game.

Unfortunately, I did not enjoy taking screenshots from Destiny much. Outside of cutscenes and social spaces the user interface elements are distracting and most of the time, the gun is stuck in the middle of the screen. Also, timing the shots is a bit tricky because there is no dedicated screenshots button. However using voice command to take the shots seems to work quite well.

[Destiny © 2015 Bungie, Inc.]


  1. C. T. Murphy says:

    Yeah, for all its beauty, Destiny rarely lends itself to quality screenshots. Really disappointing. The game would be out-of-this-world (slight pun) if they had included a Photo Mode. That’s the kind of PS4 exclusive content I would prefer.


    1. A photo mode would cool. I’ve been playing with the debug camera in Elite: Dangerous, but for some reason it is not possible to share the screenshots.

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