Review: Limbo

Just completed Limbo on my Xbox 360. It is a refreshing take on the platformer genre with black and white film style graphics, eerie landscapes and physics based puzzles. The whole game is single large level without any transitions, although game can be started at certain check points once they are reached. This gives the game a nice feel of continuity.

Limbo is not particularly hard and it is possible to play it through on one sitting. Still many of the puzzles require thinking, experimenting and lots of deaths to complete. Fortunately checkpoints are always near and game does not get frustrating even if some puzzles require several retries.

The game looks very nice and it’s visual style sets it apart from other games. Apart from ambient hum there are very few background sounds, but when there is sound it makes a good impact — be it a trap springing or a rolling boulder. Overall the game is very enjoyable if bit short. I recommend it to all Xbox 360 players.

  • Released: 21.7.2010
  • Platform: Xbox 360
  • Developer: Playdead
  • Publisher: Xbox LIVE Arcade